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How to find a good singer from Lyon and his band?

Singer and band in Lyon

Well-anchored in the local scene, Coffee Tone will find you the rare pearl: a singer from Lyon who will give a unique color to your event, accompanied by his band of musicians experts in the art of building an irresistible atmosphere.

The search for a band in Lyon is a complex quest that goes beyond simple musical tastes. It is a matter of personal sensitivity, feeling and aesthetic affinities. It's a call to let yourself be carried away, to feel the thrill that runs down your spine and makes your hair stand on end. In short, finding the right band, the right singer, is a question of emotion and connection.

Coffee Tone offers several training courses to design customized formulas for your events and private parties. Our ambition is simple: to carry away each guest with a repertoire conceived according to your tastes and your expectations, with the best singers of the Lyon region, accompanied by a tailor-made band where each musician of Lyon has been chosen to create a harmonious collective.

Definition of a good singer in Lyon (and everywhere else)

Singer and band in Lyon

Among the essential characteristics of a good vocalist, certain technical elements are obviously indispensable. Singing needs accuracy, sound projection and amplitude. The ability to navigate between vocal registers allows one to enrich performances with extended repertoires in a variety of musical styles, and to clearly assert low notes as well as high inflections. Between the warmth of the tenor and the emotion of the soprano, why choose?

In Lyon as elsewhere, these technical foundations are the foundation of a good vocal performance. But a good singer also relies on more abstract elements, that extra soul that brings character and originality to the singing.

The magic can come from a particular voice grain, as for Amy Winehouse or Claude Nougaro, from a power to all test, as for Céline Dion or Johnny Hallyday, or from inhabited interpretations where all the body expresses itself to bring a communicative intensity, as in the great hours of Elvis Presley.

This sensitivity is expressed differently in each singer, and this is what makes the art of vocal expression so rich. But when the music is performed on stage, the greatest quality in front of a microphone is to win over the audience.

Depending on your audience, we will find the perfect Lyon singer for the situation! The singers we select are seasoned stage professionals whose live experience has been developed over hundreds of concerts, in many different types of venues, contexts and configurations. They will be able to establish a special bond with their audience, to spread their energy without counting the cost and to make your guests dance without restraint.

Coffee Tone : the ideal music group in Lyon for its singers

Singer and band in Lyon

As Jean-Jacques Goldman sang, "when the music is good, when the music sounds", the singer's steps are also guided by a music group capable of supporting and enriching the vocal performance.

The beat cannot be purely mechanical, it must call for a physical response. It is the groove that must move the hips, nod the head and tap the foot, thanks to the rhythmic alchemy between bass and drums.

The other instruments are then put in the best conditions to give the best of themselves. The guitars juggle between chord grids, inspired solos and catchy riffs, pianos and keyboards enrich the whole with melodic lines, arpeggios, scales and harmonic layers. And why not brass instruments, saxophones, trombones and trumpets to bring the energy of funk dear to James Brown?

The singer from Lyon who will be accompanied by Coffee Tone can count on an experienced group, welded by musical and human affinities. Drummers, bassists, guitarists, pianists and wind players are all graduates of the national conservatory of music or of the best schools, and have performed in hundreds of concerts, in festivals as well as in the Zeniths of France, and of course in private events that they have been able to mark with their mark.

Their method, which makes them a recognized music group in Lyon: a great flexibility to meet all types of musical expectations.

The best music group formula in Lyon

Singer and band in Lyon

Our musical formations have a variable geometry according to the atmosphere that you wish to install: from the simple intimist duo piano-voice to the enlarged ensemble of a good dozen instrumentalists, singers and choristers, the possibilities are vast to answer precisely the expectations of all types of audiences.

Each possible group is composed of musicians specially chosen to create a coherent whole and a memorable artistic emulation for all the guests. And each formula can count on a singer from Lyon capable of leading this ensemble with a communicative vitality.

This collective ardor translates into tailor-made concerts, filled with songs to sing along to, dancing rhythms and sincere emotions, but also spontaneous improvisations to make each performance unique.

The bands prepared by Coffee Tone know how to evolve in several musical genres, and each musician from Lyon who is part of it is a versatile professional. If their main affinities are directed towards the character of soul, the liveliness of funk, and the good mood of pop choruses, each music group that we propose can move towards other registers, to transform itself into a pure rock band worthy of the Rolling Stones, to explore the more serene territories of folk, to shine on disco, and even to invite a rapper on stage.

Looking for a music group in Lyon?

Look no further: we offer you the finest instrumentalists and the ideal singer from Lyon for unique moments on stage, precisely calibrated to your needs!

We move everywhere in France and abroad, even if you have understood that we are from Lyon and its surroundings!