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please send us an email to contact@coffeetone.fr or call us on +33 (0) 6 16 21 40 04. Bruno Thivend


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Coffee Tone, a music band for your private parties and individuals

From private home concerts to musical performances for a private event

Birthday, surprise party, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, communion, anniversary, inauguration, vernissage, graduation celebration or new work, all these events that punctuate our existence are an opportunity to celebrate. Sometimes, we do not need any excuse to organize a party, we just want to gather our friends or our family for the pleasure of meeting.

The Coffee Tone Orchestra is the ideal partner to make your day unique. It is "the most" of an evening that will delight all your guests, from any generation.

illustration verre à cocktail - cofee-tone

A professional music group for a successful party

When organizing a party, whatever the type of event, we hope that our guests will have a good time. Many parameters are then determining: the place, the decoration and the lights, the installations, the restoration, the service, the music, the technical logistics, etc.

If we decide to call on providers such as caterers, a professional orchestra, a videographer, we hope that the quality of the services will be there so that in the end, the magic of the holiday can operate.

That's why working with a partner of choice is essential.

Coffee Tone met un point d’honneur à rendre votre événement unique, à apporter ce supplément d’âme qui fait qu’une fête reste gravée dans la mémoire de chaque convive.

illustration soirée privée - événements privés - Cofee Tone

Which music band to choose for his private party?

Coffee Tone is a professional band with this "plus" that is expected when an orchestra is used.

In general, the choice is in the first place on the musical style and the talent of the musicians. But will the band be reliable, serious, friendly, understanding, professional? This is the question that it is legitimate to ask before choosing. Our philosophy in the practice of our profession leaves nothing aside, whether artistic, human or professional.

Our professionalism is as much the artistic as punctuality, reliability and spontaneity. And we have always worked to find this beautiful balance as part of an artistic approach.

Our group therefore stands out by a great experience both in the field of public and private events.

Coffee Tone knows how to adapt to a concert format as well as to a private party, a prestigious event, a corporate gala or a special custom order.

☝⤕ When we are not in concert, our work throughout the year is to rehearse, record, make new videos, work new titles, make new arrangements on our songs, etc. The artistic requires precision, rigor and regularity in the work.

An event and a customized music group

Being attentive to your expectations is knowing how to adapt and know how to respond to your personal desires, and it is also sometimes knowing how to advise you. For the example of a wedding or a 40-year-old birthday, this usually happens to you once, whereas on our side, we have done hundreds.

Prestigious reception in a large area or small private party, the proportions and the means to implement are not at all the same.

For more details, you can refer to Frequently Asked Questions or simply write to us or call us.

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Very satisfied with the service, which was exactly what we expected. Have a good evening with friends and family around a real live concert. Very good musical competence, great professionalism, good repertoire, you knew how to remain discreet while setting the mood. All was well: the song, the instruments. BRAVO!


Coffee Tone did the SHOW for a surprise birthday and they rocked it. An evening at the top, thank you!


An incredible groove, to put an atmosphere never seen a day after party! The shortest way to take life on the funky and groovy side! A huge thank you...


Congratulations and thank you for the concert last night, you have assured serious, you have talent! A real discovery.


Young musicians who play with freshness, talent and elegance a refined and inventive music. Groove, does not prevent that it is badly end. Pleasure!

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