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For any request for information or estimate,
please send us an email to contact@coffeetone.fr or call us on +33 (0) 6 16 21 40 04. Bruno Thivend


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Coffee Tone, the soul pop funk band for your events and public concerts

The public concerts of Coffee Tone

Town halls, municipalities, tourist offices, associations, holiday committees, animation services, festivals, occasional or regular events, there are many opportunities to stage a band on stage to offer a public concert.

Whether it's around Christmas, Easter, religious holidays, national or summer, the municipalities organize public events throughout the year. The animation services of town halls or municipalities organizing events are able to solicit all kinds of artistic providers, professional musicians, actors, street artists. Coffee Tone is a popular answer to these calls, whether for a live concert or for a music event.

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A band that moves everywhere

Coffee Tone performs musical performances in major cities of France such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Nantes, Toulouse, Lille, as in the smallest, and even abroad (Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and further).

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Concert or musical entertainment?

Depending on the circumstances and the type of event, we are asked for different formats of musical performances. On the occasion of national holidays such as July 14th or during summer events organized by town halls, it is common for our orchestra to deliver a show in the form of a concert. Between 1h and 1h30, a calibrated and energetic show for the pleasure of the public, all generations.

During associative festivals, wishes of the mayor or Christmas market, it is more common that our services take the form of musical entertainment, for example divided into 2 or 3 sets to offer the public a pleasant musical atmosphere.

But there is no absolute rule. Whatever the expectations, Coffee Tone is listening and knows how to adapt perfectly.

Sound and light technical logistics

At major events, sound and light providers are necessary partners. For smaller events with less audience expected and / or more modest budgets, our music group has sound equipment (up to 300 people outdoors) and auxiliary lights to lightly dress up a scene.

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Barbara Tournaire Reportages

We were delighted to kick off the national holiday with a 7-piece concert by Coffee Tone. A musical atmosphere at the start to end in a dancing concert, they perfectly knew how to adapt to the demand and the public asked for more. Thanks to Bruno for his availability and responsiveness before, during and after the event.


Coffee Tone brightened our day and made it truly unique. A treat on stage and off the stage. 1000 thanks.


Congratulations on your concert last night in Lyon. It was a real treat! And the choice of your guests too! Thank you!


Once again Coffee Tone assured and made Lyon dance for July 14th. Thank you for this concert and this crazy atmosphere ... I'm a fan!


Coffee Tone presents itself in an elegant and mischievous sobriety. The band plays, has fun, and makes us an accomplice of an enthusiastic tribute to embark the wider public on the track. The pleasure is all the greater as the interpretation is fluid and obvious to listen, still artists to whom everything seems to succeed and that's all the harm they want! Thank you for your qualities, both musical and human.

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