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please send us an email to contact@coffeetone.fr or call us on +33 (0) 6 16 21 40 04. Bruno Thivend


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Coffee Tone Frequently Asked Questions

Soul, Pop, Funk*, that's how we define our musical aesthetic.
However, we are always looking to expand our broad repertoire that borrows more open styles, from jazz to French-speaking songs, from rock to blues, from gospel to folk music, from reggae to afro and hip-hop. hop and the R & B. We reach all generations and all social backgrounds.

The repertoire ** of our orchestra is wide and varied also in terms of dynamics. It has a range of titles that can be adapted to any type of event and create a desired atmosphere, from the festive to the quiet. For example, the repertoire will be very different for the beginning of a chic cocktail party than for an end-of-meal concert.

☝⤕ Although our group can make special efforts to adapt to your desires, if you are looking for a baroque orchestra, a group of klezmer, gypsy or death-metal music, it is better to go to another group.

* To learn more about these 3 styles of music, read the article in our blog. ** Directory list available on our pro space.

We can offer you a song that has a particular echo in your story, or just that you adore. If it fits our field of competence and style, we work and interpret it for you alone! We offer this option especially for weddings.
It is also possible to play more unkownsongs. In this case, an added fee must be provided for the extra work.

For certain types of events, we are asked to walk around.
Although usually only fanfares or totally acoustic formations without sound can do so, Coffee Tone offers mobile solutions for musical performances.

  • We have mobile amplification equipment that allows us to move quickly from one place to another while a conventional PA system would require 1-2 hours of travel time.
  • For pure wandering, we can also adapt our training if necessary to make it walk around, this implies most of the time to do without a battery.
  • For larger events, there is the solution of a fixed sound system with instruments connected to wireless HF.

Should it be for a big celebration or a small private party, there are technical solutions adapted to sound each type of event and highlight the place in question.

  • For small and medium scale events, the orchestra can be technically autonomous and come with its own technicians as needed.
    Our material * is professional quality material (up to 200 ~ 300 people outdoors). For larger events, the call to a technical provider is necessary.

Coffee Tone travels all over France and even abroad.

Our experience in the field of public and private events allows us to work with privileged partners, respecting the Coffee Tone philosophy. We therefore offer performance packs with DJ, videographer, photographer, magician, technical service provider.

We can play playlists either from your computer or phone, or from our own lists ready on our sound system.

☝⤕ Melo-ending or not, it is important to find the right time of live music and not "knock out" the guests at a party with too much music. Alternating live music with playlists of music played in the background during a meal for example is important, it is necessary to find the right balance.

Our services are tailor-made. We discuss beforehand the playing time and its distribution during the event. If you want a musical entertainment for a cocktail party, a concert or an evening musical entertainment, there are generally appropriate playing times at each moment but everything is flexible.
We are therefore able to intervene over a significant period of time by dividing our playing time into several sets during a day or evening.

☝⤕ However, a formula of 2 to 5 musicians with only one singer or singer will rarely exceed the 3h ~ 3h30 of playing time on the same performance, because of the vocal fatigue that implies. For performances with a longer playing time, training from 6 musicians is necessary.

We can of course meet before the event. Depending on the scope of the event, the type of service requested and its logistical complexity, it is sometimes useful to see and prepare for the day J. It is decided on a case by case basis.

At corporate parties where interaction with the public is desired, we can create games around songs.
Live music quiz, songs with holes, find the errors, live karaoke accompanied by the group live, etc.

As we have seen, each performance is unique and differs according to the time played, the number of musicians, the venue, special orders, technique and logistics. We can prepare a personalized quote as quickly as we can.

When the sound system is included in the delivery, Coffee Tone moves with professional equipment. We can thus restore a sound of quality and balanced.


HK Audio Linear5 Club pack 4400W (2 sub + 2 satellites)

Mix table:

SOUNDCRAFT UI24R 24-Input Digital Mixer
16 PRESONUS 16 Input Digital Mixer


Montarbo NM250A Stage Returns


Light sets

Battery powered amplifiers:

Acus One for street
Roland Cube street EX

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