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A music band for your wedding: professional musicians live!

Wedding band

You want to find a band for your wedding ? Coffee Tone is a band of professional musicians with pop, funk and soul rhythms. We offer you live performances and tailor-made to your needs. On stage, we are listening to you in order to propose you the musical animation which corresponds perfectly to your expectations during one of the most beautiful days of your life. It is with pleasure that we will be present for your ceremony, your cocktail as well as for the dance party.

A music band for your wedding in the soul, pop and funk style

We accompany you during your wedding for all the musical services which give rhythm to the different moments of the day and the evening. You need a DJ to make your guests dance? You want a musical accompaniment throughout the day? Do not hesitate to contact us with your request! Your single point of contact at Coffee Tone will be able to offer you a range of wedding band options to suit your needs and budget. We take into account your particular needs with proposals adapted thanks to more than 10 years of scenic services during private events.

Let's discuss together the theme of your wedding and the state of mind of your guests during our preparation meeting by phone or during our email exchanges. These are important points to discuss so that we can adapt our game, our animation, our clothing and our way of communicating with the people present at your wedding. We can be present from the reception of your family and friends until the end of the night!

A musical atmosphere to your image

At Coffee Tone, we are very adaptable! Our repertoire evolves by alternating between calm ambient music and very punchy pieces. We establish a precise roadmap to accompany with our music each highlight of your day.

Who are your guests? What kind of music do you want to accompany the meal and then make all generations dance? In the repertoire of our wedding band, we have everything you need to make people move, laugh or be moved..

The wedding ceremony

What kind of bride and groom are you? Depending on the personality of your group and your desires, let's choose together a more intimate or more energetic repertoire to accompany you during the secular or religious ceremony.

Our wedding musicians will be happy to accompany you with music that will be part of the memories of one of the most moving moments of your life.

Example of live performance for wedding ceremony:

  • Entrance : a song
  • Entrance of the bride and groom: one or two songs
  • Intermediate time: a song for a break or a speech for example
  • Closing ceremony: a song that is generally more festive

The songs for the ceremony are chosen by the bride and groom from our repertoire. It is also possible to order a particular song that we will work on specifically for the ceremony. Do not hesitate to tell us your request during our various exchanges to determine what is possible.

We perform the chosen songs over a period of one to two hours, during the ceremony.

The cocktail and the wine of honour

The cocktail is a moment of exchange with your guests. If you wish a soft and light musical accompaniment with a singer for the wine of honour or on the contrary more energetic with the musicians, we consider together the most appropriate musical style.

Example of a live performance for the wine of honour:

We usually play a progressive repertoire. We start very softly at the beginning so that the guests can discuss, then we go towards a more energetic rhythm at the end until the dance to create a festive moment before passing to the table. Of course, we adapt to your request.

The meal

You wish to have a musical accompaniment during the wedding meal? It is possible with the musicians of Coffee Tone or in the form of a playlist that we choose together. The musical style during the different phases of the meal will be discussed during our preparation meeting.

Evening and night

Wedding band

The time to dance has arrived with your dedicated wedding band Coffee Tone! Here again, the upstream exchanges during the preparation of your wedding are important for a performance that suits all the family and friends.

Example of a wedding party performance:

  • Festive live with our musicians
  • Songs dedicated to key moments: first dance, fireworks, lanterns flying, balloon release, etc.
  • A DJ to entertain you on the dance floor until the end of the night!

You need a band only for the ceremony? You wish a DJ for the musical animation of your dance party? You have a preference for the musical animation of the wine of honor? Everything is flexible! In duo or quintet, from the small formula with singers to the big orchestra of musicians, we have the ideal formula for your wedding. Do not hesitate to contact us via the form and we will be able to propose you all the panel of our various musical services.