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Band rental: why rent a professional band?

Photo de Coffee Tone

You organize an event and you wish to rent a band? Excellent idea! Renting a band is not necessarily easy. Between the difficulty of choosing the right group of musicians and the price of a band rental, it is not always easy to find your way.

Coffee Tone, a multidisciplinary orchestra specializing in musical entertainment, reveals the behind-the-scenes of the business to help you make your choice!

Renting an orchestra: for which events?


Rent an orchestra, yes, but not just any orchestra!

Depending on your event, the style of music played will not be the same.

That's why at Coffee Tone, we put at your disposal several teams of professional musicians, so that you can choose the musical repertoire adapted to your event.

  • Company: trade show, convention, congress, company dinner, company party, general assembly or prize-giving ceremony... The list of company events is long. And for each type, we have several musical repertoires to offer you: jazz, contemporary, soul, pop or funk.
  • Public concerts: town halls, tourist offices, associations, festival committees, entertainment, festivals... Rent a professional orchestra and offer an unforgettable concert or musical entertainment to your fellow citizens!
  • Wedding: what would a wedding be without music? Hiring a band for this beautiful event is almost unavoidable!
  • Private concert and private party: you are organizing a private event? Make your guests experience a memorable moment by offering them to listen to a symphony orchestra, a piano concerto or a string orchestra. More fun? Our artists also offer musical performances in jazz, funk or pop style.

Why choose a professional orchestra?

Location d'orchestre, photo de concert

Making a choice in advance of a band rental is always a difficult step.

Indeed, how do you know if the band you choose will be a high-end or a low-end orchestra?

However, there are several criteria you can rely on. The first, without question, will be the beauty of the music and word of mouth!

Secondly, the quality of the website, the videos, the sound and the professionalism of the musicians is often a guarantee of reliability.

Indeed, a high level professional orchestra often has a website and quality videos.

EFinally, you will be able to rely on the exchanges with the music group. Are they professional, friendly and available? This also shows the professionalism and thoroughness of your contact.

Using a high-end band, rather than a DJ, is a great idea.

Hiring a professional band immediately adds to the cachet of your event. And what better way to celebrate than with real music and real instruments?

A band of professional musicians will enliven any type of event, from weddings to corporate parties, private parties and public concerts.

A funk band, a soul band or a pop band, the choice is yours!

What is the price for a band rental?

The price of an orchestra rental is very variable. It all depends on the service you are looking for.

When you rent a band, the price varies according to :

  • The period: the end of year celebrations are, for example, a high point in the events sector. Prices therefore tend to increase.
  • The number of musicians: renting an orchestra of 2 people is always cheaper than renting a philharmonic orchestra.
  • Performance time.

At Coffee Tone, we offer you to rent a band according to your needs:

  • The Moka Tone: the minimalist formation with a solo musician, or musicians in duo or trio. It is the ideal formation for cocktail parties, intimate atmospheres, small receptions and modest budgets.
  • The Expresso Tone : the classic Coffee Tone formation, from 4 to 6 musicians. A singer with a guitarist and/or a pianist, a bassist, a drummer and sometimes a brass player (saxophonist or trumpet player). Formation adapted to most events: public concert, wedding, gala, congress.
  • The Americano Tone : the XL formation of Coffee Tone with 7 to 11 musicians. Several singers, guitar, keyboards, bass, saxophone, drums, percussions, rapper. All configurations are possible. Perfect for prestigious events, large receptions or weddings.

You want to know more about our musicians and our services? Do not hesitate, contact us! We will be happy to answer you and send you demos of musical animations similar to what you are looking for!

You can find our band on band booking platforms such as LiveTonight.